Friday, January 30, 2015

January 30, 2015: “Addicted to Books”

This week I finished 2 books.  I rewarded myself with 2 books from my happy place Barnes and Noble to make up for it.  The queue continues to grow, the shelves become overfilled and I become full of stories. 
I usually take to reading a few different genres at once usually a book on Buddhism, philosophy, nature/adventure, fitness and fiction.  

Today I added a book through my game I play called book roulette.  It goes like this I walk into Barnes and Noble, at which point I choose a section.  I choose three random number.  The first number is the aisle, the second is the section and the third is the shelf.  That gives me one small shelf with around 20 books to choose from usually it is of two or three authors.

Today’s choice was “The Eyre Affair” by Jasper FForde.  I chose his book because on the font cover the review from the Wall St. Journal said it combines elements of Monty Python, Harry Potter, Steven Hawking and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  It sounds amazing, two of my favorite things are Harry Potter and Buffy and that is why I now own this book.  I also bought a bargain book on Buddhism called “The Dude and the Zen Master” by Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman.  I just finished my previous read “You Are Here” by Thich Nhat Hanh

My name is Nathan MacFarlane and I’m addicted to books.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 29, 2015: “The Wall (Not the old record store haha)”

I take, I print, I create the wall of my favorites.  As part of throwback Thursday all my photos are throwback to many different shows with many different artists.  The wall is mainly my favorites who have some great songs, amazing sounds and wonderful personalities.

My preferred style of music is all of it, mainly I like someone who can tell a story.  Jaida Dreyer writes some of the best stories set to music today.  Unfortunately people don’t realize the songs she writes or never hears them.  She is an Americana, folk, country just plain old good music singer.  Sunny Sweeney is a down home country girl who says what you don’t have the balls to say.  She is unfiltered, funny and wise.  Bringing a Texas attitude to the rest of the world.  The redhead on the wall plays a plethora of instruments.  Her name is Megan Mullins and she is a country musician who plays a men fiddle for acts such as Big and Rich, Alabama, and Trace Adkins to name just a few. 

This wall allows me to see the great memories from them and others.  We should all have inspiration within sight.  I have music and photography to inspire me.  I say maybe I am alright looking at those photos.  Thanks for the inspiration.

Visit Jaida here and listen for songs on the tv show Nashville
Visit Sunny here and catch her on tour with Miranda Lambert

Visit Megan Mullins on her facebook here

January 28, 2015: “Live and Local”

For a good time call your local music venue.  You never know what you may find a band starting out or some veterans skilled and connecting. 

These photos are from the show at the Sportsmens Tavern on January 28, 2015 featuring the newly formed band Savannah and the Kings.  Savannah King is the front woman, flanked on the wings by Mark Bamann on the lead guitar, Scott Gergelis on the bass and Loren Metzger on the drums. 

Check them out, check out Sportsmens Tavern, check out the Buffalo music scene, if you are not in Buffalo heck out your local music seen.  Music is the beat of our hearts. 

Go to to find out more about the band.

Go to for more information Buffalo's best Americana and music venue.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 27, 2015: “Photo Club Rust”

Now that volleyball is over my Tuesday night activity reverts back to port photo club.  Every week we are assigned a project by the best photo person of the week. This weeks project was rust.  Rust, Rusty, rust, rust, rust so many ideas.  How do I decide, I wanted something that was different that was not recognizable and up for interpretation.  I ended up underneath a bridge looking at patterns, analyzing light, trying to capture something interesting.

Initially I was upset by the amount of light coming though the grates.  That problem was solved by catching a car crossing the bridge blocking the light.  It added depth and contrast like I wanted. A fun challenge.

Here is another shot I got randomly of a runner passing on by enjoying the 15 degree weather.  That is dedication.

Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015: “Snowstress”

As I get older I despise one thing the stress caused by driving in the snow.  I drive 10 miles to work and 10 miles home up a few hills around a few curves.  When it is not plowed it is treacherous, I drive a little too cautious but I am going to be safe and stat out of accidents.  I hate my car it handles ok but sucks going up the hills.  I worry on my journey through the snow and the ice. 

The beauty fades fast as winter wears on.  Stress increases, I worry about life.  I think we should just shutdown, there is no need to live dangerously to do a job.  It can wait for another day.  We had 8 feet of snow a few months ago, yet so many could not stay away, fought to get to work.  Instead of distressing, relaxing we worried.  This image captures the beauty, the uncertainty, the power of nature.

Capturing snow is an art I have yet to master.  This captures somewhat of what I see, all I know is that snow was flying crazily towards me.  I hope it will stop in a few hours and when I get up at 5 am it will be gone so I have that safe ride to work.  

Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 25, 2015: “Into the Woods”

What is life?  Why do we live?  What is our purpose?  There are so many existential and unsolvable questions.  The closest I can get to answers is when I run into the woods, when I run from manmade progress.  Progress has created a life easy to live with problems that do not exist. 

We have basic needs like all other animals for survival.  These basic needs for our survival are eating, sleeping and procreation.  We truly need nothing more, anything more is a luxury.  After all there are thousands of homeless.  They search for food and places to sleep.  Those are their only needs.  Those are the only needs I would like to have.  Instead I have a need for money to pay off debt for education, if it were to ever disappear I would walk into the woods and live with nature. 

Nature is beautiful, nature has no currency, nature has no debt, natural laws rule all.  On my walk today I saw an amazingly diverse set of trees some stood tall, some branched out, some were broken down, some were starting grow.  Each was unique, each was surviving a cold winter waiting to bloom in the spring.  Treading lightly is what we need to do, understand each other, understand our environment.  Walking into the woods I was freed from greed, freed from time, freed from rules.  I was free well unless I decided to sleep there or walk into woods someone “owned”.  Then I would be arrested. 

Into the woods there is only beauty.  Into the woods we can all be free.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

January 24, 2015: “Seriously”

If you know me I wear socks with patterns, long soccer socks, warm wool socks, short socks long socks, mismatched socks and any other sock you may be able to think of.  I’m not too concerned if you judge me or think it’s weird or awkward.  I mean if you think it is awkward, the most likely reason is a result of my overall poor wardrobe choices.

I have reached a point in my life where I live as I like, look like a person of Walmart at points and worry not about others judgment.  The only judgment I wish to have thrust upon me is about the content of my character, if you must.

I walked in the salon and saw these socks, moccasins and a cute outfit.  I thought this girl has her shit together at such a young age to be free to wear a little character in her clothing.  Freedom can be as simple a pair of socks showing your personality.  Be who you are and do not take and to seriously.  That is where this image inspired from.  Seriously take a moment notice something small and find meaning inside it.   

January 23, 2015: “Out”

10pm and no photo for my blog what am I supposed to do.  Obviously since I am out with friends we should do a group photo and that will be the photo of the day.  That is not how I decided nor what I decided.  The waitress brought drinks, not just beer or wine but those ones with fancy names and mixtures.  BOOM a light went off in my head those drinks look yummy, I’ll share.

I had come equipped with my camera to provide a mini tutorial.  So tada I whipped it out and took two photos, the first I couldn’t get the focus right and the second my manual focus was much better.  Enjoy drink with your friends. I enjoyed my unsweet tea good company and fun conversation.  Remember every once in a while go out and enjoy others company.  Be present and live your life.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 22, 2015: “Let Me OUT!”

I walked into my happy place today, by happy place I mean Barnes and Noble.  I proceeded to purchase one book and one magazine.  The magazine was Cycling Fitness, featuring winter workouts, winter gear etc.  There was one problem it was geared toward getting outside for the workouts.  In the winter here that is not a reasonable nor a safe option.  I looked at the pictures, the workouts and realized I have pretty bad cabin fever.  I have not been out on my bike since last year.

My bike work has been in the box I call my gym.  There is nothing more boring and demotivating than plugging away on a machine going nowhere.  I usually find a reason to cut my session short and move onto something else.  I know building the base for a couple months down the road is important especially if I wish to compete.  I just hate how stuck it makes me feel. 

I would make a good looking pro or atleast pic in a magazine

Todays photo was meant to reinvigorate me or atleast make me see what I am able to become.  I have slowly started to make changes in my diet.  Getting a healthy gym routine which I had before sickness and injury is paramount.  My neck feels about 75% and I think I should be able to start putting up lighter weights. My setbacks seem to last a week or so longer than they should. 

I had a vision to create a dark setup with a strobe to get the idea of motion.  In pedaling on the bike I was moving far too much and as opposed to motion it looked like I had multiple heads.  I could have really added the motion with a backlit strobe but wanted it to remain darker so I used a single flash with an orange filter and a 5 second exposure.  The flash was on the ground aimed upward to create the shadows and look letting myself blend into the black background.  I hope you enjoy and draw a little sliver out of this image.  Be yourself, be great, be dreamy

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21, 2015: “Go”

I have a vision, an amazing vision I just am not quite sure how to make it possible.  This photo today is the start of an idea.  From the dashboard I want to bring you the lights at speed.  I can’t do it on my own, I wonder if I could get the angle from behind if I had a driver.  I like the idea the perspective through a drivers eyes watching the light go by.  It is a vision someday I’ll realize and create an epic image. 
Ignore the dirty windshield
Tonight I pulled over had my car lit up creating a dry run for the vision.  Seeing light wanting to go, getting ready to plot.  I want to create an amazing long exposure drive. Today I just watched the traffic drive on by, drive on by. Gotta go, gotta roll, green means go.   

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 20, 2015: “Playoffs, Are You Kidding Me”

Tonight ended volleyball, this was first time I had played volleyball since high school gym back at the beginning of the century.  I am naturally athletic always consistent middle of the pack team player who was extremely coachable.  Jumping in from lack of practice was no problem it tookf a few hits to regain control but I had it. 
Not my team
The season was fun, after all it was 10 degrees out and I am playing volleyball in the sand in Buffalo in January.  This season we played as a 4 person team in a 6 person league.  We won some and lost more unfortunately.  The difference in the amount of people on a team was a key contributing factor to the record.  Teams were able to hit the open spots against us.
The Team I'd Hit That

Summer in January
 I wanted to do some photography but the domes light doesn’t allow me to get the crisp awe inspiring images I want to create unfortunately.  I struggled finding a balance.  As much as I love my equipment, I don’t have the right equipment to get the great shots.  The light and shadows are so harsh and popping off a flash is a no go.  All in all some fun was had, I moved and grew and experienced something different.  
Not horrible lighting

Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015: "Letter to Humanity

Writing a letter to the world, the 3 photos below me writing are my handwritten words.  Thank you Dr. King for being a great leader despite your fear of leader.  You were a great leader because of that not inspite of it.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 18, 2015: “Smoothie Sunday”

Eat healthy, eat healthy, eat healthy is my mantra. Today my day started off with a berry banana smoothie and a cup of tea.  I am new to making smoothies and using them for meals just as I am with all cooking.  Creating the change to be a happy healthier me mean stepping out of my comfort zone.  Stepping out with little changes lead to big changes which lead to success. 

This photo symbolizes where I am going, where you can go and where the world can go.  Food photos are not my forte.  Each photo and attempt will help me with macro, food, product and detail photography.   Skills I lack are skills I need to work on.  Never will I be great without understanding I still have a lot to learn and grow with.  One day all of my efforts will pay off.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

January 17, 2015: “Easy on the Eye”

Welcome to today, I hope it is your best day ever.  I always look at eyes, in fact I may comment immediately if I think you have great eyes.  My eyes have been commented on many times as being a great feature of mine. Depending on the day and time they fluctuate between blue and green when the true color is hazel.  

Exploring is part of the human experience whether it be looking closely at myself, others and every aspect of the universe.  I chose to look at my eye today because it conveys vulnerability, anger, love, loneliness, happiness, sadness, strength, weakness and every other emotion that a human can feel.  I’m not sure what I see or how I feel. I will let you be the judge and create myself in what you view.  

Friday, January 16, 2015

January 16, 2015: “Frozen Starlight”

It was a clear day out today, I wanted to capture a landscape today.  I have an idealized spot where I want to capture an epic landscape.  I drove by it again today, like I did the other day. Sadly I looked, pondered and I was not inspired.  I continued to drive home, lost in my thoughts I looked up at the clear sky, it triggered me to think about stars and how I enjoy sitting outside during the summer and watch the world go by.

Tonight was the night I captured the stars.  Where do I do it?  What else do I want in my photo?  I decided to head to the place I know that is completely open for 30 miles, where I can look across a vast body of water and see another country.  Right on Lake Ontario in Olcott, NY.  I arrived just after sunset, a glow was ablaze on the horizon.  Lights from the Toronto coastline were visible, I stepped out of my car and was shocked by the wind whipping off of the lake.  It felt like -10 degrees with the wind whipping, I grabbed my facemask cover my face.

The journey began, I stayed out for some 20 minutes somehow.  My big toe froze going numb while my hands somehow survived.  The wind and cold cause me to struggle setting everything up.  I was unable to gain focus, really see what I was shooting and get the epic photo.  I placed my camera saw a few stars and went for between a 20 to 30 second shutter just hoping the wind would let my camera be still enough to capture a crisp shot.  Luckily as my camera strap fluttered in the wind and I ran in place the camera stayed unmoved. 

I finished and got home upon loading the photos in my pc for processing I saw something incredible.  The big dipper perfectly placed into my photo, along with a shooting star on the right side of the photo.  In the summer it is extremely easy to layout under the stars and find constellations, no wind, no extreme cold just great weather.  I fought the weather today and came out on top with this image.  I hope you enjoy, reach for the stars.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 15, 2015: “Throwback Thursday to Today”

Today is the social media day we dig through the archives and find photos of days gone by.  We then post and share on facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.  I thought what could I do today, my first thought was a photo I called label.  Then I saw a few photos of friends from days before I knew them.  It is interesting to see where people come from, where they are now and knowing they are not as close as you want. 

I looked through the few photos I have when I was younger and decided to attempt a re-creation today.  A few things I realized; I will never be as cute as I was when I was a little tike.  Life changes, no matter how much we wish it wouldn’t it does.  I have to make the best with what I have today and need to bring the carefree attitude I had as kid to get ahead in life today.

Look at that photo of me from 26 years ago maybe.  I dressed like a champ to be snacking.  I had no idea how I mismatched I was or even such a thing existed, the glasses were much too big or anything of the sort. 

Since that photo so much as changed but I am still pretty goofy with an offbeat sense of self.  I still can’t dress myself sometimes.  The major change from then to know is that I am extremely aware of my surroundings.  I analyze every situation and am considered extremely serious, sometimes too intense.  My quirky ability to be by myself or in extremely small friendships groups is often seen as weird.  As a child it was great to spend a whole day inside my creating and dreaming.  I often do that today. 

Throwing forward from then to now as much has changed much has stayed the same.  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 14, 2015: “Counting Sheep”

The first two days of this week I have had long days.  Up at 5:30 am and in bed around 12:45 am.  I get very worried sleeping less than 7 hours a night.  Surviving one night is ok but multiple days in a row can trigger extremely horrible headaches.  I have been hyper sensitive to make sure every part of my life is going to offset the lack of sleep.  Balance is crucial to my heath, I was able to have better nutrition, more snacks and staying hydrated.  My focus was off for sure, memory was a bit fuzzy that is what lack of sleep does for me.  Overall my productivity drops and there was nothing I could do about it. 

Today to regain my life I came home counted some sheep and took a refreshing nap.  I had to force myself to wake up so not to have a sleepless night.  This photo or something similar has been in my mind for a while.  A few years ago I caught I migraine as it was coming on.  This is a similar type photo but much more calm.  I took this photo immediately after waking up, so it is as real as I can get, in state between full consciousness. 

Health is the key to my life and to me that means balance with healthy eating, exercise, sleep, hydration and most importantly work life balance.  Everyday in this fast paced world slowing down is the only the way not miss out on creating that life you want.  It starts with health and to me sleep is the most crucial so I take alot of naps to balance out the stressors.  Namaste

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 13, 2015: “Shadows”

One picture, one photo, one thought.  I’ve had a thought about lights in the darkness, but today I shot lights in the light and created darkness.  The thing I love about photography is creating the image unseen.  Everyone seems to say oh that camera takes great pictures.  No I’m sorry I can give you this camera and you can make it all wrong.  This photo is what I wanted to see a completely bright room which I stole the soul from the ambient light.  Simply by making the proper adjustments on my dial.

I hope you look at this photo and construct a thought in your mind.  Analyze it where did the light go, whys there so much darkness in the light.

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015: “For the Love of Dogs”

Such a poser
Animals are the ultimate in loyal companions.  They are truly your best friends through thick and thin.  Today I got to play with 2 adorable doggies Luna the shepherd and Gema the retriever.  Could they be any more precious, just look at these photos. 
Gema, Luna Sisters

Take my picture
There is an innocence that animals possess and carry throughout their lives.  We expect them to grow and stop destroying things from the time they are puppies, be there when we do not want human companions.  I want to write so much more, but my only thought is love.  There is something pure, they do not worry, only need love and attention.  They are there to comfort and stand strong along our sides.
Play time

I'm going to chew it to death

No matter what breed of dog you have they all possess so much love.  Give them the unconditional love that they give you.  Everyday we see stories of dogs walking miles to find their owner, waiting years to see their owner come back from the military. Loyal and lovable.

Gema chasing Luna and the ball

Gema catch Gema
Stranger no danger
I met a dog along my walk today, never got to his name but he followed me brushed against my legs and let me pet him.  When he got bored he walked back to his owner.  I always go along with a dogs intuition they seem to be able to sense those who are good and give immeasurable amounts of love.  Dogs are awesome!!!!!!!