Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In Remembrance of Uncle TIm

Today we celebrated my Uncle Tims life as he passed away this past Saturday night of pancreatic cancer at the young age of 54. I didn’t meet him till I was a teenager because I didn’t have a mom till then when Wendy filled that void.  Since that point they have been my adopted family.  The one thing that fills this family is love it can be seen in every person and I am so thankful for it.

I have a few memories of Uncle Tim and each memory includes seeing a huge smile on his face.  I remember the first time I visited his Christmas shop, he told me to take a crystal.  For many years it guided me in my car.  At that point he didn’t know me from a stranger on the street but always welcomed me as family even though I was just a goofy high school kid. 

One of my favorite memories is the double date of Sarah and I and Tim and Ang.  We went to see Beautiful Mind in the theater, out to dinner and B&N.  The one thing that sticks out to me about this was walking in to an old style B&N.  He goes says something like this isn’t a B&N we need to head to the other one.  So we got into the car and drove across town to the other B&N cause Tim always wanted everything just right.  This memory always makes me smile.

I will always remember him with that huge smile across his face and being the most caring individual I have ever met.   I am so lucky to have known him.  Even going through all the cancer treatments and struggling he always had that smile and kept a strong face on for everyone around him.  The last time I saw him was on Thanksgiving he was weakened, tired and struggling.  Despite his physical exhaustion and condition he kept positive with his unique sense of humor.  It was hard to see but now I know he is not feeling that pain anymore and he is in a better place.  For my family it has been painful.  The love Tim had and this family has will bring us through this.  We will always have the memories. 

For those reading this you can never tell your loved ones you love them enough.  You can never spend too much time with them.  Cancer took Tim far too early but his love will live forever.