Tuesday, March 13, 2012

35 Miles of Thoughts

Random thoughts from a bike ride:
1    1)      While looking down at my legs thought “white legs, hairy legs need to shave and tan” in the soft kitty tune
2    2)      It’s incredibly warm for March and is going to lead to a great season
3    3)      Starts singing “Rump Shaker” Just shake your rump
4    4)      I want to steal one those golden retrievers
5    5)      That car kicks ass follows me up Day Road hill cheers and stayed behind me(which is would be a category 1 climb if it were longer) 
6    6)      I want to punch cyclists who are TOO GOOD to acknowledge others on the road
7    7)      FLAVA FLAV
8    8)      35 miles seems really short
9    9)      Offseason training really works if you do it right, love kettlebells and total body workouts
1    10)   Damn potato chips wreaking havoc on my stomach just make it home
1    11)   Gym, gym, gym