Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Photoblog February 18-24: Getting caught up finally

February 18, 2015: “Dreaming”

I received that pillow for Christmas.  I look at it everyday and on it holds a passion of my bicycling.  Everyday I dream about a life of contentment, peace and prosperity.   I value dreams that enrich my soul and life not dreams that provide riches of the material world.   I dream to share myself with the world.  Dreaming just dreaming about tomorrow forgetting about be present living stuck chasing a dream while forgetting to chase the dream.

February 19, 2015: “Frozen”

It is another day of negative temperatures, frozen to the bone the wind blows right through.  On the board above I watch it drop from 0 to -2 all the way to -10.  Beware watch out for that wind it will chill your bones at a -30.  Frozen, my bones feel broken, my head feels dry, days like these I feel like I may just keel over and die.  Till tomorrow when I freeze again.

February 20, 2015: “Misspiration”

I had no idea what the photo of the day would be I was driving home from work, stopped at a red light I saw a familiar sight.  A fire truck at the towers on Main Street in Lockport.  Almost everyday I see an emergency vehicle ruin what should be a great street, a city with so much history is falling apart.  Sirens sound, lights glow I lack inspiration.  The men and women work hard to save those who need saving while a city worth saving is decaying.

February 21, 2015: “Thirsty”

I went to the grocery store today, came home looked inside my bag what did I see.  Five new types of tea, bananas and bacon.  I lack the ability to buy groceries to make meals I end up after the trip with 20 different flavors of tea, some herbal, black, green, white, spiced and mixed.  So many options to calm my nerves, to wake me up, to put me to sleep.  I have a bit of an addiction but it is healthy so I am fine.  Come to tea time, you can drink from glass or steel, have a little cup or a full pot.  I’d like to sit and talk it is tea time come be a part of me.

February 22, 2015: “Watch Me”

What is a gadget I said to myself?  What do I own that is gadgety?  As this is the challenge for photo club.  A spark went off in my head, I opened my drawer pulled out 4 watches.  Two of which I decided would be fun to take apart, I was successful in getting one open.  To my dismay there were not gears or sprockets, just all electrical wires and such. 

I set up one flash with a silver umbrella directly behind a hanging open watch which I shot with a 300mm macro lens.  It came out extremely well focused right on the insides.  A fun little project which showed me that I can find beauty in struggle.  I struggle sometimes with photography.  Today I struggled to an answer.

February 23, 2015: “ Comatose”

I sit, I hold, I’m stuck, I’m wasting away in the middle of winter.  This remote, that box are on in the foreground, background, all around .  I’m stuck in a state indoors, I’m stuck in my head, I’m stuck just stuck in a comatose state.  I’m moving out of it with hope in my heart knowing the weather will fight and change.  I work to keep it positive, I work to keep it strong.  Stuck in this moment with all of you fighting these winter time blues. 

February 24, 2015: “Thank You”

I love photography, I love creating, I love life, I love you.  Thank You

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 17, 2015: “Bubble, Mirror, Mirror”

Every Tuesday you can depend on seeing a good creative photo.  Today is no exception, we froze a little with capturing frozen bubbles after going over the mirror challenge.  Capturing a bubble frozen is very hard especially when it is 10 degrees out and the bubbles take a while to freeze.  Lighting is the most critical piece of the puzzle this shot was not quite direct on, but I got nice light and shadows all around highlighting the bubble.  Bad lighting was filled with shows from small little snow chunks.  I could have fixed it with more lighting but the shots were interesting, looking like mountainous structure.

The challenge this week was use a mirror.  I went a little creepy, scary again.

I am the demon, I am the devil, I stand on your shoulder, you see me when you look in the mirror.  Your eyes glow red, your mind goes blank. In the mirror you see darkness, you see light everyday, you struggle with the fight. Mirror, mirror on the wall let my soul breather and darkness fall. 

Conscience bleeds, tears rain down, after the deeds done compassion crawls through the darkness into your heart.  Let the evil die, let the kindness start.  The red become black the black becomes blue. Mirror, mirror on the wall your my conscience till I fall. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015: “My Best Friend the Dreaming Tree”

I have a place I like to go, a place I like to be outside alone with a book under a tree. Occasionally I practice yoga, take random photos.  The place for me is under my best friend the tree.  In the winter it stands strong and alone.  In the summer I want to make it my home.  I enjoyed my visit, I enjoyed my time but until the weather changes I’ll just be a drive by. 
My favorite tee is the one on the right
This is an image from the opposite side where I spend my time, blocked in by 4 feet of snow I did not dare to get closer.  I chose this time of day to shoot into the sun to bring out a vibrance, to make the scene bright.  In all of this darkness and dreary weather, I think about tomorrow dreaming under the tree.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 15, 2015: “Summer Time Dreaming”

Negative 5 degrees feels like negative 30 wind whipping, snow blowing, the frost biting.  Winter has been draining the life out of me.  I looked through my photos to see what summer time looks like then I come back to a sea of ice.  All I see is ice; blue skies and sunshine are just a figment of my imagination, depression grasps me by the throat.  I’m summer time dreaming just biding my time to be free from captivity. 
Summer :) / Today :(

February 12, 2015: “Scandalous”

As I grow older I find much more value in the good music produced locally rather than chasing “stars”.  A few years ago at a local establishment they were having a benefit concert with quite a few local bands.  I prefer lower key events, this did not have a huge number of people but lights, games and tvs drove me into a sensory overload.  I drain extremely fast when attempting to focus on more than one thing.  Immediately upon hearing the music on stage I sat in awe of the sound, the voice, the instruments and sat listening totally focused.  An excellent memory to have.  I have been an advocate from that day forward.

Thursday night I had the opportunity to get scandalized, not sure it’s a word but I like the sound of it.  I had the pleasure to listen to live music at the Armor Inn by Randle and the Late Night Scandals.  They released their first cd Cheap. Boozey. Dangerous. an awesome blues record, playing through the album and more.  As for a review of the show I’m not really good for that.  I’ll say this, they have excellent musicians on all of the instruments and watching Marty and Luke play off of each other is a treat.  I love how they are extremely versatile with their sound going upbeat and featuring everyone as the focal points at one time or another.  I prefer a womans voice in music and Amanda has a sexy alluring voice along with a stage a presence that sucks you in.  The whole band has a well developed chemistry working as one from the guitars to Kims great saxophone playing.  Rob takes care of business on the bass, as does Namingha and Reggie. 

I go to listen to music and take a few photos when I head out for live music. I shot some photos thoughout the night, some good, some bad but was able to work with the rough lighting to capture everyone.  I shoot for myself to make something that can be remembered.  I am often asked in situations not to take a photo but the reminder of that moment comes in with a big thank you later on.  In the case of music that is something I never have to worry about and can freely enjoy myself in creating images.  I had some from previous shows I was able to share and was asked to contribute a photo to their album art.  Things like that make it all feel worthwhile when I feel like giving up or my effort is taken for granted. 

Moral of the story is to create what you want, do what you love and watch your dreams grow with love and support.  Music matters, art matters.  Go to RATLNS.com for more information and let the music into your soul.

Photoblogfor Photos Feb 9-14

February 9, 2015: “Warhol”

I get random things floating into my head all the time.  Andy Warhol randomly appeared.  I was thinking color, a portrait or something.  Then it became clear the album cover of Velvet Revolver.  I would create my version in an image.  Honestly it is not something hard to photograph or recreate.  I think album covers are the best type of art.  One image to portray your music.  At some point I may do an album cover series but for now this is a start.

February 10, 2015: “Presence”

My inspiration for today was my artist friend Chelsea.  I met her to photograph for her portfolio, I had initially thought I was going to do a separate shot for my photo of the day.  I did end up shooting what I had planned.  I was much more intrigued by her creativity and art. 

She had to develop a piece of art out of red paper and an idea.  She chose to “Be Present”, what she created was pretty special.  It shows how one thing is two, how to focus on the moment and be present.  Her creation was a one of a kind kaleidoscope.  The images did not change, it was not traditional in any type of way.  You look in it and see nothing, slide off the one part and in a mirror you see the words “Be Present”.  Find focus, live in the moment and be present.

I loved that being creative has no time limit or style.  Creativity is boundless in photography, art, music and any other medium you can come up with. 

February 11, 2015: “Workflow”

I had photos, photos, and more photos.  My workflow was going strong making things pretty and getting things done.  I had two screens flowing, it is long and tedious even with the most basic processing.  I sometimes think about getting into film just so I only capture truly great shots and limit the amount of shots.  I shoot concerts, in shooting concerts I tend to overshoot.  It means I have more than enough photos to go through but the thing is I am looking for the shots that captured the performance.  I have my cup of tea and workflow.  Lots and lots

February 13, 2015: “Salon Dog”

O is his name, just O.  I walk into the salon he greets me, licks my face and in most cases stays by my side for the duration of my stay which can be 5 minutes or 5 hours.  He snuck in to steal my motivation for doing a Friday the 13th style photo to show off his cuteness during my O selfie series.  A simple head on shot no lighting and just getting to look at the camera without trying to lick it.  Nothing better than being friends with the salon dog.

February 14, 2015: “Valentines Day Death”

I had an idea, initially it was to rip out my own heart and be standing in a pool of blood with a heart in my hand.  That changed though it was going to be either an eligible bachelor shot, or mysterious man.  I was dressed up had everything all set.  I was working with the mysterious man idea, it grew and developed into the mysterious man attacking me while tied up.

 It was hard to get the lighting as I wanted in both shots.  Being backlit it created a good eerie darkness, I shot a light with a snoot to minimize the light to my face.  I took 10 total shots, to put 2 shots in together.  It took me four shots to decide on the killer holding the nail pegged board about to slam down.  The other six shots were sitting back turned, or front facing and what emotion I wanted on my face.  In combing these two images I feel I caught fear and the black and white adds drama.  I didn’t like the tones and coloring in the color image.  

Sunday, February 8, 2015

February 6, 7, 8 Photoblog

February 6, 2015: “Project Me”

I asked she answered, light painting was the idea.  I did it with the idea of projecting a tv show onto the tv.  I struggled with the lighting and keeping the back light down.  I got my idea from my personal mantra peace love and hope.

February 7, 2015: “Tapering”

Live, local and folk.  My preferred music that connects to my soul.  In preparation for the show the room is filled with a fog machine that lingers.  It makes a cool look, I enjoyed it with the colored lights.  This photo is result rather than a band photo.  I don’t have the time or energy in the present to sort through and identify my favorite.  I will post a review and photos at a later date.

February 8, 2015: ”These Boots”

I met the man who sang a song called these boots.  It is a song about everything these boots have been through.  My boots are 10 years old, have survived winters, water miles of walking, hiking, hard labor and everything I could put them through.  Today the snow began falling another 12 inches expected yet these boots guide me through everyday.  They have bottoms that screw off so can replace the heel and foot front.  These boots are made for a lifetime.  These boots are made for memories.  These boots are made for e to hold so many things close and be able to reflect.  This boots photo is inspired by a grammy nominee tonight and performer. His name is Eric Church and I am thankful I have met, planted trees with him heard his music and made great friends along the way.  Music brings people together, I am so thankful for watching these boots grow, while I watch those around me grow.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

February 5, 2015: “Tire Moon”

Finding the positive is what I always search for, today was a fiasco right from the get go.  I expected to have my photoblog based around getting new tires and highlighting them with a photo.  I was excited to get new tires today, lately my car has been driving horrible in the snow acting as if it were a slip and slide. 

I had so much go wrong today with many negative feelings appearing and projecting outward.  I moved forward, I recentered, I struggled, I fought and I balanced my emotions.  I smiled and was able to put the negative behind me.  I walked outside at 9:10pm tonight looked up into the sky and bam right into my face a beautiful moon.  I knew at that moment I would freeze and enjoy a silent night.  I skipped stopping for food on my way home.  Next thing I knew I am standing outside watching brilliant clouds pass by the moon very quickly.  The weather gave me approximately 5 minutes to setup and capture a great landscape.

A 20 second exposure at f/5.6 wow, the moon shows the trees colors flow.  The clouds fly on by, I was so giddy, so happy and so glad to share this image with you.  Love life, live life enjoy the things in life that are free.  Celebrate the negative and turn it into a positive. My tires tuned to gold and I became richer today than I could ever dream.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February 4, 2015: “Ain’t it Pretty”

Snow, snow, snow go away already.  You were pretty back in November before that 8 feet you dropped in 1 day.  You were pretty in December when I was holiday shopping.  You are pretty when I have absolutely nothing to do.

You are no longer pretty, you are annoying, causing me to lose patience, causing me to worry, causing me undue stress.  I must say day after day it has worn me down.  I have a shovel in my hand, I have a car to drive and survive.  The world is in such a hurry I force myself, like every other person to go to work. It is dangerous the roads haven’t been plowed but making money has become a ridiciulous.  Productivity over people in most places, work, work, work. 

Snow is horrible, snow is great, snow is fun, snow is sad.  Today it was all of them, I ended my night with snow is fun.  I set up 2 speedlights, one on the right and one on the left.  I overpowered them t capture the snow blowing.  It washed me but I was able to bring back a little, also getting pinpoint focus was hard.  I am happy with it.  My only problem is I didn’t want to stay out to long and expose my equipment to the weather.  I could have setup another speedlight to capture more snow and set the other 2 to capture better lighting on myself. 

Overall I am happy with what turned out.  It caught what I was going.  Self portraits are hard especially in less than desirable condition.  I made it happen. Remember life is beautiful and we are all connected.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 3, 2015: “Mirror, Mirror”

I had been hearing noises at various points throughout the day, saw a few creepy cars and was weirded out all day.  I thought how can I portray a bit of drama and creepiness. I initially wanted to set up a shot that portrayed me driving with a shadow behind me.  Being 10 degrees I quickly scrapped that idea.  I still wanted to capture that style shot, my lens was not wide enough to put on the dash and capture what was looking for, so I settled on the face in the mirror.  I was able to light up the scene with a single speed light bouncing off the dash.  It made it look like headlights coming in.  I was very pleased with the setup although before I could get focused in my speedlight batteries died.  I brought a piece of the weirdness out today.  This shot will be replicated when it is warmer and all my equipment is 100%.

February 2, 2015: “Snow Daze”

Under the cover of a winter storm I’m stuck inside, watching the storm roll through.  Hours pass and snowdrops accumulate into inches, the inches grow.   I sit silently watching the snow.  Reading, writing and wasting time.  My car becomes covered and I stay inside.  As an adult it is more of a burden than a reward.  These are just the snow daze.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 1, 2015: “Patriot Day”

In honor of the super bowl today between Seattle and New England I want to capture a football image.  My baseball team is Boston and my second favorite QB of all time behind Dan Marino is Tom Brady.  I own his jersey so I put that together with my Boston hat. 

I had an idea to shoot light directly down on me and capture an image from above almost directly down. In setting the shot up I use my Samsung phone to focus on myself as I can tether my camera wirelessly to my phone.  It is an extremely useful technology, the only downfall is the camera will not shoot flash when tethered.  I at that point switch the lens to manual focus and leave it at its proper depth, position myself and shoot a few shots to get the right composition.  It is extremely hard to get the shot I want, even when I have everything placed properly and hop in at the right position I cannot view the composition.  I ended up shooting 3 photos, I believe it was a 15 second exposure with a single flash at the opening of the shutter.  I slid out of the picture to create the ghostly effect towards the back of the photo.

Everyday is a learning experience, I love stretching myself and working on different styles.  I am just glad the Patriots won 28-24 over Seattle.  Everyday find inspiration and wok on developing a skill.


January 31, 2015: “America the Beautiful”

Busy day today, I did not plan out or look for a shot to get.  I did have my point and shoot with me just in case I saw inspiration.  I was out all day and arrived home around 10pm.  No photo, no idea nothing.  I saw the flag on the fence.  Nothing special to do, no lighting to setup just change the settings in the camera for my desired exposure.

I popped open the flash took a two tenths of a second shot wide open.  The snow reflected the ambient light behind to get a solid overall composition and lighten up the fence in the background.  It came out a bit gritty.  America is beautiful in perfect light, in darkness, smooth or gritty.