Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Photo of the Day: July 14th, 2015 "Wanderlust"

Wandering slowly every step calculated, every scene I see, I process beauty I am in awe of nature.  Sitting, staring, imagining history and looking toward the future.  The gorge is gorgeous, created over thousands of years.  In the future it will grow and become more beautiful.  The falls will still fall, the river sill still flow.

Each day we should try to slow, to see, to experience life.  The memories made on this hike will last a lifetime.  In life I will not remember the purchases whether of need or vanity.

Time is short and meant to be capitalized upon. Yesterday was a hike through Watkins Glen. A photo walk for a few waterfalls, a hike to build some strength.  It turned into an experience that will be hard to forget.  Thunder and storm soaked through the clothing.  No time to wait for the rain to subside.

Splish, splash it was no time to explore, to enjoy, to experience life from the top to the bottom and beyond.