Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Love You Grandpa

I sit looking out into the world celebrating my grandfathers life.  He lived to the age of 92 and just recently passed from this physical earth.  Its amazing to look back at the memories, find the cards and wish we we had more time and more photos.  Alas time is too short for regrets.

We all have lost loved ones along the way whether it be family or friends.  We have lost them but will never forget them.  My Grandpa touched many peoples lives in many different ways.  To me he was just Grandpa without a a doubt my biggest fan and supporter.  He would help me through any situation and believed in giving too many chances.

He was a typical man from the greatest generation, a hard worker and a big dreamer with a giant heart.  He would try to improve your life with a horrible joke or by showing a knicknack he picked up somewhere.  He loved heavy machinery and tinkering with tools.  His life long dream was to construct a pond on his land.  He didn't want a small pond he wanted a giant pond more like a mini lake.

It started out with him realizing his land was valuable so he started selling his dirt as a gravel pit and bit by bit year after year dirt and shale got taken away.  The best part of his gravel pit was the high dirt hills to play king of the mountain in with the few smaller shallow ponds to swim in or catch tadpoles as a child. I think I was the envy of my friends when I was young cause we would go down back as we called it and get lost in adventure.  The gravel pit was finished about 10 years ago and now is a massive pond to fish in swim in and a great place to watch the wildlife.  Walking down the trails, watching the deer, running into a skunk or visiting my grandpas favorite wild raccoon. That place held many memories and adventures.  It also held peoples doubts in what he was doing but he will it to happen.

He never took no for answer, he never did sales but would have been a hell of a salesman because he could talk his into way to getting anything he wanted, well unless it was with a judge.  His reasoning was all always a bit shaky and weird but to him his conviction was stronger than what may have been the facts.

He loved with his whole heart, followed his passions till the day he passed, and was great man who waited for the bus with me in morning and was there when I got off at night.  He loved riding his bike and had a junk pile of bikes in the back.  He liked to collect parts and metal some might say hoard but I loved him for it because I built my 1st bike around the age of 10 and I still ride religiously today.  I remember being scared to death when I would get into something I wasn't supposed to.  You never crossed him because he was relentless.

I remember him bailing me out when I accidently broke off  a car mirror in high school, but of course he told dad after I made him promise to keep a secret.  He was always looking out for me even when I thought he wasn't.  My favorite part of growing up was Friday dinners with him Grandma and Missy.  Like clockwork same place same table and he would order the same thing at the same time every week then we would go back to his house and watch bluejays baseball on rabbit ears from Canada.

He loved God, Country, Family and Music.  I remember watching heehaw and wrestling with him.  Listening to classic country Hank Williams, Whispering Bill Anderson, Buck Owens, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline that was his music.  He never liked the new stuff and never wavered on his opinion.   He was solid as rock and never showed fear.

He new his time in this world was short and when I would see him he would talk as the end was near saying how proud he was of me and to live a great life.  My last words to him were "I Love You Grandpa, I'll see you tomorrow" but I never did get to see him again.

Whether there is another place beyond this world I will not know for many years.  The hearts he filled with happiness and the memories he made I will always hold dear. I Love you Grandpa -did you ever know?
Did I ever tell you so? I hope you understand,you have so much to do with who I am.