Sunday, April 5, 2015

Photoblog Randomness: March 16, 17, 22, 23, 25 Almost caughty caught up. Nothing to see here, actually there is...

March 16, 2015: “It’s out of Focus”

One thing I see that bothers me and gives photography a bad name is when I see a photographer post out of focus images or have the wrong focus in the photo.  These 2 images are to present the differences in focus.  There is a 2 foot difference in the image but the focus shows something different.  I wanted to highlight the diploma, the first image has the words in focus, the second is focused on the random bottles in the front of the pic.  These pictures are poor quality but show how the same image can show you something different.  A lot of what I see out of focus is people and it kills me, focused on something in the back or foreground not the actual item.  In auto mode it typically doesn’t focus on what you want.  To get the photo is to develop your skills, understand the settings and how to portray the image you are going for. 

If you are photographer quality will always win over quantity.  Always so put the focus on your subject, put the focus on yourself relax and create the art you want.  Don’t just throw it against the wall and hope what is seen is what was created. 

March 17, 2015: “The Club”

Every Tuesday is Port Photo Club night. Shooting outside in lowlight, I had a ton of trouble getting any type of focus.  The club is a place to hone our skills and make great strides and great errors.  I really wanted this shot to be amazing and it works to a degree.  The lack of crispness bothers me as well the way the light comes in.  A great pose but working with just the streetlights is always tough and this was no exception.  Shooting people I always want to use an external light source unless it outside on a sunny day.  In those cases I would want to block out light.  Whether you are using a phone or dslr the most important thing to understand and control is light.  That will create the image.  Tough light sucks but can always be altered to create what you wish to make.

March 22, 2015:  “Creep”

I didn’t feel like doing a full setup and wanted originally to do the hoodie thing.  I tried to control the light from one source but had to use to which brightened the background.  Sometimes I just want to creep and hide into the darkness.  

March 23, 2015: “Alive in Death”

Last summer a dragonfly flew into my car and ending up getting stuck inside and dying.  I noticed him quite a while ago and he had been my car companion for months.  Dragonflys are neat little creatures with bugeyes, wide willowy wings and that nifty tail.  I’ve shot a few out in the wild which is super hard to get a good focus on the little guys.

This little guy who had been riding in the back was fun to pose and light to get an image that shows the detail.  I shot a flash through a tube to project through his body with a black background.  I shot a few shots at different angles to see which one would come out as the most interesting.  Sadly I was disappointed to see that all of the detail I was hoping for in the face was just a cloudy eye.  Overall I truly enjoyed the beautifulness of this guys nature and how he preserves.  In his death he is alive and bringing mindfulness to me.  Understanding that things we may walk past everyday are the things that truly contribute to life.  In the big picture the small things matter and make the world go round.

March 25, 2015: “Deer”

BOOM, POW, BAM! The deer ran into my car.  Damage done, I am ok.  As we encroach on nature, nature lives on our turf.  There is nothing we can do when nature has nowhere to grow but in our society.  It is a sad commentary that greed fuels growth which leads to destruction.  Instead of rebuilding in an empty building, the woods next door are torn down.  Instead of leaving the forests be the real estate companies buy them for development.  Destroying the homes and habitat of wild animals.  We complain about there being so many out in the open.  I wonder why they are where they are when we destroy their homes daily.  

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