Sunday, April 5, 2015

Photoblog April 3 and 4: Diapers and Waterfalls on bikes a normal day on the road

April 3, 2015: “Love, Hate and Waterfalls”

You can tell I am riding a bike. Beauty is surrounding me, people whizzing by me some slowing others having no regard for my life getting so close I feel lucky that I wasn’t impaled.  Today I just smiled and waved stopped at a waterfall and thought what a wonderful world.
I call this Mister in the Gray Truck
Hey Mister in the gray truck. I am extremely glad I could have such a positive impact on your day. You drove by me. You took the time to role down your window. You took the time to scream an obscenity at me. You took the time to flip me the bird multiple times over the next 1/2 mile. I waved, I gave you a thumbs up I am not angry. I just want to understand.
Mister in the gray truck I am happy to have made your day. I was just riding my bike. I was doing nothing wrong. I was riding in a straight line. Riding with traffic. Riding exactly how the law dictates. You treat me like I'm nothing like I attacked you. I ride thousands of miles a year. I do not nothing but obey the laws. I stop at the stop signs. I use my hand signals. I watch for vehicles.
I believe you used to ride a bike when you were a child. Do you remember? Do you remember when the wind would blow through your hair, when you would ride down to the corner store? Do you remember how free you felt at that moment? Now you are grown. Now you have forgotten what it is to be a child. Now you let the negatives of life control you, instill anger in you. Anger for what? You were not delayed all you did was share the road pull safely a few feet a way from me. Did slowing down prolong your trip 5 seconds? When you get home do you let your son ride a bike? I bet you have forgotten how to enjoy life.
I have one piece of advice ride a bike, you just may enjoy it and not hold such anger in your heart when driving.

April 4, 2015: “Diapers on Bikes”

Tis the season where I will be commuting and living off of my bike, hopefully.  I started my errands y turning a 2 mile ride into a 10 mile ride.  My first errand of the season was to buy diapers so I went to Rite Aid thinking it’s far enough away to give me a few miles.  Little did I realize carrying diapers on a bike is hard.  I had 7 miles to go and because I always bring my own bags and do not take plastic bags, I was forced to carry them. 

400 yards with idiots in traffic carrying diapers like a football.  The bad thing about most stores is they are on a road which is well traveled.  This is no exception, you would think a 4 lane road would have a shoulder or a bike lane.  This is a very common road for bicycles and serious cyclists alike.  In fact I hate heading north through those couple hundred yards because no matter how far I come into the lane I can still feel the pull of a vehicle way to close to me as they pass on by.  I held my own this time like always, holding the diapers close veering off onto the shoulder as soon as I got out of the business area. 

My idea was for a superhero pose with the diapers while riding my bike but all I could get was this.  Not too shabby especially with the trees aligning both sides.  The road was busier than expected and the sunlight kept hiding behind the clouds.  I am Diaper Dude bringing you diapers one mile at a time haha.    

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