Friday, April 3, 2015

Photoblog: The bike blog and photos

March 18, 2015: “Book Club”

What is your favorite store?  Mine is the bookstore, in this day and age the survivor is Barnes and Noble.  I frequent the store sometimes buying bunches of books and magazines, sometimes whimsically walking through indecisive. 

I found the ultimate bargain book, “Einstein and the Mindful Art of Cycling”.  This is possibly the worlds most perfect book it combines genius, cycling and mindfulness.  Everything practice everyday.  It warmed my heart so much I did a book photo shoot.  Words are weapons for good and evil, we need to read to create understanding and not follow blindly.  My happy place provides me with knowledge, hope and happiness.  Go enjoy and join the book club create a new world you can get away into or learn and grow.

March 20, 2015: “Gone MacGuyver”

Bike, bike, bike all day long, everyday.  I heard a noise clink, clang, cluck could I figure out what it was, it sounded like it was coming from below near my crank.  I continued for miles until I got home.  It wasn’t until I searched to diagnose the problem that I realized what it was.  My pump holder plastic had cracked and come off its holder.  For those miles I was riding the pump was hitting the top chain ring and was pretty chewed up.   There was nothing wrong with the pump at all.  I tried a few things to fix the holder but soon realized fixing cheap plastic was a lost cause. 
Boom MacGuyver mode kicked in, first I tried paperclips then glue and then I settled upon a cord holder elastic mini strap.  It holds the pump attached to my bottle holder.  I rode 30 miles no problem with it the bike.  I’m glad it worked well and I didn’t have to come up with an alternative means of a holder.  

March 26, 2015: “Shelved”

It is snowing again, a few inches here.  My bike is inside my gear lays askew.  Nothing to do but to wait it out.  I look at the forecast seeing no end in sight.  I want to ride and get ahead in the game.  The wind still howls, the snow still blows.  I thought I had a chance to move forward instead I’m stuck looking for a break.  Looking for someday.  Today I am shelved.

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