Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 12, 2015: “Scandalous”

As I grow older I find much more value in the good music produced locally rather than chasing “stars”.  A few years ago at a local establishment they were having a benefit concert with quite a few local bands.  I prefer lower key events, this did not have a huge number of people but lights, games and tvs drove me into a sensory overload.  I drain extremely fast when attempting to focus on more than one thing.  Immediately upon hearing the music on stage I sat in awe of the sound, the voice, the instruments and sat listening totally focused.  An excellent memory to have.  I have been an advocate from that day forward.

Thursday night I had the opportunity to get scandalized, not sure it’s a word but I like the sound of it.  I had the pleasure to listen to live music at the Armor Inn by Randle and the Late Night Scandals.  They released their first cd Cheap. Boozey. Dangerous. an awesome blues record, playing through the album and more.  As for a review of the show I’m not really good for that.  I’ll say this, they have excellent musicians on all of the instruments and watching Marty and Luke play off of each other is a treat.  I love how they are extremely versatile with their sound going upbeat and featuring everyone as the focal points at one time or another.  I prefer a womans voice in music and Amanda has a sexy alluring voice along with a stage a presence that sucks you in.  The whole band has a well developed chemistry working as one from the guitars to Kims great saxophone playing.  Rob takes care of business on the bass, as does Namingha and Reggie. 

I go to listen to music and take a few photos when I head out for live music. I shot some photos thoughout the night, some good, some bad but was able to work with the rough lighting to capture everyone.  I shoot for myself to make something that can be remembered.  I am often asked in situations not to take a photo but the reminder of that moment comes in with a big thank you later on.  In the case of music that is something I never have to worry about and can freely enjoy myself in creating images.  I had some from previous shows I was able to share and was asked to contribute a photo to their album art.  Things like that make it all feel worthwhile when I feel like giving up or my effort is taken for granted. 

Moral of the story is to create what you want, do what you love and watch your dreams grow with love and support.  Music matters, art matters.  Go to for more information and let the music into your soul.

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